The Turtle Rescue

by Heidi

Last Friday afternoon, I was baking some mini muffins for a shower I was co-hosting when Gunnar started shouting my name from the back door.  I found him with a huge smile on his face and this turtle cradled carefully in his hands.  The smooth side was up.  I bet that turtle was really wondering why he was upside down but I’m sure he was thankful to longer being batted around by the 14 pound predator who lives in our back yard.  We call this effective predator Sadie the Lady or sometimes Sadie the Snake Killer and even Sadie the Frog Killer and unfortunately Sadie the poor little Rabbit Nest Destroyer. 

Gunnar and I took the turtle to our front yard leaving Sadie out back.  Gunnar said he kicked Sadie to get her to let go of the turtle.  I don’t like that one bit, but I am glad our turtle was spared.  I’m hoping Gunnar didn’t actually make contact but rather startled Sadie a little.  I’m going with that theory.  Anyway, we put our new friend in a safe location and watched for while.  The turtle didn’t move an inch.  He was locked up tight, so we went inside. 

Gunnar thought the turtle might be dead.  He was still for so long that I thought Gunnar might be right.  Also, there was a hole on each side of his shell where I assume Sadie got him with her teeth.  I don’t know though.  I was constantly peeking through the window watching to see if he emerged.  He did!  I went out to take pictures but was careful to stay far enough away that he wouldn’t get too scared.  Gunnar was a little more eager and got too close.

Our new friend quickly went back in his shell.  He didn’t seal it up as tightly as he did when Sadie was around.  In fact, he continued to watch us througha little openning.  Finally, I ushered Gunnar inside and determined to let our turtle come out of his shell and disappear.

Remember those mini muffins?  Well, they didn’t fare too well as I was totally cuaght up with this turtle.