14 Years

by Heidi

 14 years ago today, the skies had cleared and the hot temps had yet to arrive; I wore a white dress that made my tiny waist look tinier that it was. At barely 22 years old I held my bouquet with sweaty palms and walked down the aisle to take a leap of faith. This leap was a calculated, informed, and trained risk, but still I was nervous.    Today we’ve been married 14 years and I would marry him over and over again. Our years together have revealed him to be a man of courage, honor, strength, conviction, compassion, and kindness. I don’t know why I’ve been given a man like Steve, but I’m so thankful. Happy Anniversary Steve!

I posted the above paragraph on my FB page today.  So many people commented, I was inspired to add some pictures here on my blog.  This first one is from our Wedding Celebration/Rehearsal Dinner.  It was a great shindig at Steve’s great aunt Iris’s house.  They really went above and beyond with so many special and unexpected details including fireworks over the lake to end the night.

Yep.  My hair was long.  It was almost to my waist.  My hair was extra crazy this night because I had just taken off my college graduation cap and gown a few hours earlier.

Looking back at these pictures I am amazed at how many family members made it to my wedding.  They all had to fly.  It was so great to have everyone there.  This picture is of my grandma (Graceanna is named after her), me, and my mom.

This was the first time we made the attempt of my wedding hair…the day of the wedding.  Not a lot of margin for error, thankfully  I really liked it.  I can’t believe how many details I just kind of expected to work out.  It was nice, because I can’t remember any major problems and I was so relaxed about all those kind of details.  The girl with the rollers is one of my college roommates and to this day she is one of my closest friends.

In the chapel where we were married.

The reception was so fun and so minimal.  We had cake and punch.  Then, we left.

These are my other grandparents who made it.  When I think about, I can’t believe they came.  If our wedding was a year later, I don’t think they would have been well enough to make the trip.

Loved having bubbles.  Steve’s family did all of our flowers including a surprise of rose petals to be tossed along with the bubbles.  So special.

Who are these two people?  Seriously, are they old enough to be married and on a honeymoon?  It seems to be true!