Holding Hands

by Heidi

I just love being Mommy to my two precious kids.  I’ve noticed lately that G & G are often holding hands while we are driving in the car, but I’ve not really known how that came about.  This weekend we were driving somewhere and Graceanna was kind of sqawking/grunting, “uh. uh. uh!  uh.”  Steve and I could not figure out what she wanted.  Gunnar had been obsorbed in either looking out the window or playing with his Lego men.  I can’t remember.  Anyhow, he finally was aware Graceanna was trying to get his attention.  He said, “oh,” and reached out to grab her hand.  Simple as that.  Sister wanted to hold Brother’s hand.  He obliged.

He obliged, just as he always does when she wants him to hold her hand.

I love how they love each other.