Movie Night

by Heidi

Tonight we were hoping to go to movie night at our church.  The movie was going to be projected in the outdoor amphitheater.  Our movie night had been canceled once before due to rain and mud, but we were hopeful for good weather today.   When the sky got dark and the giant drops of rain began to beat on the windows, Gunnar’s looked at me with huge eyes and his chin began to quiver.  I wrapped my arms around him and a few tears leaked out.  Daddy came home and the chin began quivering again.  By that time I had decided we were going to do something special at home.  Inside.  

We were able to rent the movie we were supposed to see at the church.  The Tale of Despereaux.  Also known as The Mouse Movie at our house.

Then, we pulled out a blanket and ate pizza for our carpet picnic /movie night.  Gunnar was pleased.

I just couldn’t face letting Graceanna eat pizza on the carpet even with a protective floor covering, so she and I sat at the kitchen table.

I think she was ok with that plan except for the part about pizza.  Evidenlty, she doesn’t like pizza right now.  I had pitty on her, so she ate PB & J.

Be careful of the camera-smile of a 2 year old.  It might look kind of crazy like this!