Poison Control

by Heidi

Today makes the second time I’ve had to call poison control.  The first time was when Gunnar (3 yrs old then) ate half of a styrofoam cup.  He was fine.  Poison Control Guy chuckled.  I did not.

Today Gunnar ate an unidentified object.  He went outside for just a few minutes and casually mentioned to me that he had eaten something while outside.  Great.  So, I began the questions. 

  • Was it hard or soft?  Soft-ish 
  • What color was it?  pink with black underneath 
  • Was it a flower?  I don’t know 
  • What is it?  I don’t know
  • What did it taste like?  I don’t know
  • Did you spit it out or did it go down to your tummy?  It went in my mouth and disappeared.  I think it might have gone to my leg.
  • Is there more?  Yes  (Note to self:  This should be my first question.)

Brace yourself.  Here’s the scene.

Poison Control Guy complimented me on my photography and my camera.  Um?  Thank you?  I take good pictures of poop or whatever.

Poison Control Guy thought it looked like mold or fungus.  My great camera allowed him to blow up the picture and see a lot of detail including the porous nature of the pink stuff.  Oh good.

Poison Control Guy doesn’t expect any reaction but the most likely possibility would be GI related.  He recommended I watch Gunnar for a reaction of any kind, but after the first hour the likelihood is pretty minimal.  Right now I’m requiring Gunnar to sit in a chair so I can “observe” him for the next hour.  Interestingly, this has proven to be one way to make Gunnar beg for a nap.

In the meantime, Steve wants me to “go collect the samples” in case we do need to go to the ER or something.   Seriously?  I have to go out and pick up pink, porous, poop/mold/fungus?  Oh my. 

I guess collecting my sample is better than the mouse head and separate mouse body I made my friend pick up from her back yard during our play date today.  Mouse was courtesy of her cat who clearly left it as a present for us.  Gee.  Thanks, kitty. 

Well, I guess I’ll go collect my “sample” now.  I hope I don’t throw up all over the sample.  That would make things kind of confusing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and try not to think about pink, porous, poop!