What have we been doing?

by Heidi

What have we been doing?  I’ve heard that question a lot lately.  One person recently asked me if I’ve had a “relaxing summer.”  I can’t remember who that was, but I remember thinking I wish we could do more than just say a quick hello.   Anywho, for some reason that question came back to my mind later and I found myself chuckling out loud.  Relaxing?  Do you know the age of my children?  Relaxing?  No, but we’ve been having so much fun.  I’m hoping to give some quick updates on the blog really soon.

I’ve also been reminded that the blog NEEDS PICTURES!  I agree!  That’s been part of my blogging problem though.  My camera has been hiding out in the cabinet, and blogging is just not as much fun without pictures.  I know my Canon-baby feels lonely and neglected, but sometimes I just can’t have fun AND record the fun.  So, I put the camera down to live the fun.  Last weekend I photographed two of my friends’ birthday parties which reminded me that I do like photography and I should bring out my briefly abandoned companion.

So, here’s the first glimpse of our recent fun.  Can you believe how grown up Graceanna is!  She is 22 months old.  I can’t believe I’m about to start planning her SECOND birthday party.  Will someone please remind her she is my tiny, quiet, cuddly, newborn?  She seems to have forgotten.

Gunnar slid Graceanna through the kitchen/living room loop countless times.  You can see she enjoyed the near carnival ride as much as Gunnar enjoyed racing and sliding around.

I’m not sure how much longer they will both fit together in one laundry basket, but it was so cute to watch him climb in with her.  See Sadie in the background?  Her ears were back indicating her disgust with the entertainment.