Vacation Bible School

by Heidi

(Written 7/16/2010)

Gunnar attended Vacation Bible School at a nearby church this week.  It was not at our church but another great one in our town, so I was really excited to send Gunnar.  I was also surprised they invited 4 year olds since most VBS programs start at age 5 or kindergarten. 

I was returned to my own VBS days as I listened to him sing bits and pieces of songs I remember singing at VBS.  I really didn’t get a lot of detail from him about how they spent their time, but I do know they ate M&Ms for snack one day.  Now that’s good to know!  Each morning they all gathered in the santuary.  I bet there were over 1000 kids there.  Here is a picture.  I put a circle around the head that I think is Gunnar’s!

It was amazing to watch several hundred volunteers in bright blue shirts make order out of what could have been chaos.  In addition to hearing about snacks, I also heard about Cooper the dog (a person in a dog costume) who was part of the program each day.  I got confused many times though, because one of his favorite friends from his first year at Mother’s Day Out, Cooper, was also at VBS.  Seeing his friend, Cooper was an unexpected treat.

Today was the last day of VBS and this evening they had a dinner and program for all the attendees and their families and friends (and cousins – Gunnar wanted to make sure it was ok to invite his cousins).  Gunnar came home on Wednesday and told me all about the dinner and program and that they could invite anyone they wanted including their cousins!  Yesterday he told me, “bring your recorder because I’m going to be on the stage and you are going to want to take my picture!”  So cute!  He was so excited. 

Too bad he threw up this morning and then had diarhea.  He didn’t get to go to his last day or to the dinner and program tonight.  Gunnar and I were really sad.

Steve went by the church at noon today, when they were dismissing for the last time, to pick up his crafts.  (I thought it was really a great idea that they kept all the crafts to send home on the last day.)  So, today was the first day I found out the theme for the week.  Superheros!  Can you believe that!  Gunnar loves Superheroes!

Excuse me Mister Superhero, you really shouldn’t look so handsome.  The girls are going to feign drama to entice your rescue!

There were so many crafts.  I couldn’t get Gunnar to explain everything, so I don’t really understand the fish or the angel or the megaphone, but whatever.  Gunnar was so proud showing us his crafts and he’s worn his superhero cape all afternoon.

In lieu of the VBS program tonight, Steve decided to cheer us up with our second ever family movie night.  This time without the carpet picnic due to the… er… stomach problems.  Gunnar is feeling much better though.  Our movie was the much anticipated Buzz Lightyear otherwise known as Toy Story.  Buzz did not disappoint!