Building and Creating with Legos

by Heidi

About this time last year, a dear friend brought me a whole bunch of gifts including a paper grocery bag more than half full of Legos!  Her two sons had outgrown these things so she passed them on to me.  I put the Legos away for a few months because I knew Gunnar wasn’t quite ready for them.  When I pulled them out of hiding Steve was thrilled!  He couldn’t believe all the Legos!  He sifted and sorted and even built a few things.  We gave them to Gunnar late in 2009 and he’s played with them a lot.   For a while he used them as objects to scoop with his tractors and piles to crash into for his cars.  I love this box of Legos because all the creations are his own imagination and he has spent hours upon hours creating this summer.  I can always count on some kind of vehicle with lots of shooters!

This next collection of Legos is special to me as well, because they were collected by my grandma.  According to my research, the Fabuland sets were produced between 1979 and 1989.  I thought my grandma had collected all of them, but it sounds like there are at least 90 sets!

I love these sets for several reasons.  One being they are just so darn cute!  Each set has a least one animal character.  Gunnar has done some of his own creations with these sets too.  Often he likes to build them exactly as they are shown in the picture, which is not as easy as it sounds for a 4 year old.  Then he loves playing with the scene, like having the police officer bear riding his motorcycle. 

Steve and I surprised Gunnar with this next set of Legos for no reason other than we knew he would love it!

He has built and rebuilt these two Star Wars vehicles countless times.  It’s a really excellent set because it has two vehicles and multiple shooters!

Speaking of shooters, Sunday after church Gunnar showed us his ladybug craft.  (I’m not sure what kind of significance had to his Sunday school lesson…)  This ladybug was extra special because its antennae were actually shooters!  Steve thought they were shooting lazers but I thought they sounded like machine guns.  Who knew a sweet ladybug could be so lethal!