Our Girl at 23 Months Old

by Heidi

Our baby girl is so funny!  Some of my favorite things right now:

She sings the ABC song!  She’s not really pronouncing each letter and has absolutely no idea what she is singing, but it is unmistakable that she’s mimicing the ABC song which she has learned from the ABC Bear that her Neenie gave her.  My favorite line sounds like this, “now I now I now I now I.”  Many of the other lines are beginning to have actual letters though.

She says, “Blesh eww Mommy” no matter who sneezes.

She also says, “Sank eww Mommy” no matter who gives her what she’s requested.

“Moo ah” = More

“Doo ah” = Door.  She is super please when she closes doors that should be closed and opens those that should be open.

She’s determined to have a napkin at every meal to wipe her face and hands.  It kind of sounds like “a kin” with a heavy emphasis on “kin!”

She loves too push her babies through the house in her doll stroller.  She runs around with a little bounce in her step.

I ask her for a kiss many times a day because she is just so stickin’ cute!  “mmmmmmmmmmah!”

Milk (“gulk”) is by far her preference over water (I can’t even describe how she says water, but it’s cute) , but neither is her delight like the golden beverage.  “JUICE!”  She pronounces this word perfectly and with much passion.  She’s also becoming quite proficient with just the plain ole, “drink!”

She likes to talk about going “potty” and even likes sitting on the potty.  She has yet to do anything on the potty.

Her babies, Bear Bear, and her ABC bear all spend time strapped in her high chair to “eat.  Eat!”

I think she probably knows 100 words and often talks in 2 or 3 word phrases.  One word she hasn’t used at all is, “no.”  I find that very interesting.

She likes to talk on the “phone.”  And, is often being corrected for taking any phone she sees.

She loves to brush her teeth!  She runs to the bathroom multiple times per day and asks to brush her teeth.  “Teef!  Teef!  Teef!”

Tonight we found her in the sink with her tooth brush as well as her brother’s. 

She took a moment to enjoy looking at herself in pictures.

Next, she laughed at her funny faces in the mirror.

Then she looked at me.

Then Daddy could take the danger no more and removed her from the sink.