Silly Bands

by Heidi

Have you heard of the Silly Band craze?  Until the 4th of July I knew nothing about these rubber band bracelets which come in lots of fun shapes.  My nephews had a collection of them and I heard all about this trading and collecting which must be driving teachers crazy all around the country.

Even though silly bands are all the rage, they did not cross my mind again until about 2 weeks later.  I was using a rubber band for a project, next thing I knew, Gunnar was excited about my blue rubber bands and pleading to have lots of them.  “Sure.  What do you want them for?”  “Oh!  These are my silly bands like my cousins!”  I didn’t know he had even seen their silly bands but he was up to speed on all the details.

Gunnar wore his rubber bands proudly.  A few days later he tossed one of his “silly bands” onto the table and asked his daddy, “what’s that look like?”  Steve was stumped.  Gunnar supplied, “A tomato!” 

I knew it was time to dig out the real deal silly bands Steve had purchased for him. 

So, if you’ve never heard of them or seen them, here they are!  This is some kind of glow in the dark animal set which for the most part were too small for Gunnar.  Now we have a set with tanks, planes, and submarines.