Swim Lessons – Graceanna

by Heidi

Watching my itty bitty baby take swim lessons was amazing to me.  She could do so much and was so content in the water.  Coach Talia always talked about how she loved swimming with Graceanna.

Some bubbles to warm up. SBS Swim School requires the children to wear swim caps and it really helps to keep water out of their ears and hair out of their face.  It’s intended to make it more comfortable for the kids.  Gunnar doesn’t like to wear it which surprises me because he hates water in his ears, but I think he just gets too hot.

The ball game.  This seems to be Graceanna’s favorite.  She can really kick her legs and get herself around the pool to get the balls and put them in the bowl.

Going under.  Even at her first lesson, Graceanna knew how to hold her breath.  She had done it with me before and seem to naturally know what to do.

Swimming to the wall.  Look at her little feet and legs starting to kick.  So cute!

She knew just what to do.  Then she practiced pulling herself out of the pool.  (That’s what I love about this program.  They teach those safety skills like how to get out of the pool anywhere you fall in.)

Learning to back float.  She was so cute.  She would get herself really ridged and just kind of roll around on top of the water.  The coaches could even let go and she wouldn’t move.  This wasn’t quite real backfloating, but close.  They often sang a song or read a little book as they floated around the pool together.