Swim Lessons – Gunnar

by Heidi

This is Gunnar’s second summer for swim lessons.  The first 4 lessons were with Coach Karen.  (Coach Karen who owns Safety Before Skill Swim School is the one Gunnar learned from last summer as well.)  The second 4 lessons were with Coach Talia who really made Gunnar do the drills correctly even though he wanted to skip drills and do the fun stuff.

I was amazed how much better he swam after each lesson.  Coach Talia said Gunnar is a good swimmer, but not survivable.  He has not quite developed the discipline to calm himself in the water in order to backfloat (even though he can do it) or even swim to the wall.  He doesn’t have the hang of treading water.  So, basically he will end up doggy paddling and eventually sink.  Toward the end of summer (well, I guess it’s still summer, but pools have closed during the week) he was starting to calm himself enough to swim to the wall so that’s a big improvement.  I think next summer he will be do great.  He’ll have another year of emotional and physical development will help a lot.

Kick board drills and flippers to keep the knees straight when kicking.  No bicycle kicking.

This was the first time he was trying the free style.  He was so focused on what his hands and arms were to do, he automatically kept his legs straight.  (See that dark line?  That’s where the bottom drops from 3 feet to 14 feet.  The SBS Swim School rents the pool at a dive shop.)

Time for some fun – diving for rings.  Notice his straight legs again.  He seems to naturally have good technique when he’s not being lazy or goofy.

A little fun.

Then, finished off with the back float.  He can do it, he just doesn’t like it!