Summer at the Lake

by Heidi

It’s no secret that Gunnar loves his cousins and loves to swim, so summer days at the lake with Carter and Sutton were highlights of Gunnar’s summer.  Oh, and the rest of the family was pretty fun to have around too.

These pictures were taken during the last few moments of Graceanna’s time in her ring.  She wanted to go with the arm floaties so she could swim around more.  She’s a big girl now don’t you know!

Sweet Sutton.
Or, as he’s affectionally called at our house, Sutty.

It’s true.  Gunnar isn’t wearing his life vest.  I like to give him some time without it to help him get stronger at swimming.  When he wears it constantly, he just uses it like those arm floaties which do not allow you to learn to swim correctly.