Sassy Pants

by Heidi

Oh my dear blog, I have much to update.  Unfortunately I’m just popping in to post a few pics of our Sassy Pants.

I Love these boots!  She loves them too.  She jumped and clomped around all morning.  I splerged on these ($16.99 at Toys R Us) a few weeks ago and was going to wrap them for Christmas, but yesterday I could resist the temptation no longer!

Our darling girl is giving her older brother a run for his money; she gives the pestering as good as she gets it!  When she’s not trying to get him to fulfill her every whim, I catch her glances of love and admiration for him.

She wore this dress to church this morning.  I love it!  It’s one of the dress I wore as a little girl.  My mom saved so many cute things!  I actually think my mom may have made this dress.