Celebrating Christmas in Snapshots – #2

by Heidi

Christmas Day in Snapshots

Christmas roses from my thoughtful hubby.  Christmas breakfast is Gunnar’s favorite meal of the year:  Breakfast Casserole, Caramel Rolls, and Fruit Salad. 

Graceanna was excited to see herself in Grandma’s framed picture.

Sadie enjoyed her spot this year.

Graceanna LOVES this baby.  She squealed with delight when she saw the baby in the box.  She ripped her out of the box and pulled Baby to her chest saying, “Oh Baby.  Oh…”

Poppa and Gunnar playing a new game for his Leapster 2.

We completed most of the top puzzle on Christmas Eve.  My parents and I put this bottom puzzle together while Graceanna napped on Christmas Day.

Steve and Gunnar built his Lego castles all afternoon.  He has played with them every day since Christmas, and surprisingly they have stayed in one piece.