Christmas in a Word

by Heidi

It seems that everyone is talking about describing the last year with one word, or instead of New Year’s Resolutions, using one word to define the coming year.  It’s funny because during our Christmas celebrations, I found one word rattling around in my head:


Rich and elaborate; generous and extravagant; abundant and profuse are all words used to describe and define lavish.  Our Christmas celebrations could be described with any of these adjectives.  The time with our family of 4 was rich with stories and decorating and crafts.  Puzzling and gaming and conversation with extended family was extravagant in time, relaxation, silliness and fun.  The gifts were also lavish.  They were not lavish in expense although most gifts were purchased with money.  They were not lavish in number although there were more than were dreamed.  The gifts were lavish with joy in giving and receiving.  So often I want to deny the fact that much excitement about Christmas is because of the gifts.  I especially try to teach my children that the celebration is not because of what is under the tree but rather the Gift that could never fit under the tree.  This year, as I settled on the perfect gift for each person, and as I watched my children receive with great joy, and as I opened gifts that were special beyond what I would give to myself, I reveled in the gifts and found my heart even more inclined to the

Lavish Gift

of Jesus the Christ

I was reminded deep in my soul that Christmas is all about The Gift and its rich, extravagant, profuse value.  This year, I was wrapped lavishly.