Graceanna’s Adoption Story

by Heidi

I read this blog called Kelly’s Korner and every Friday she hosts “Show Us Your Life.”  This week the topic is Adoption, so you know I’m really excited about this topic!  I’ve never linked up with another blog like this and I think I should have gone about it differently (since I’ve already posted my link…:)) Anyway, I decided to write this little post and include all the links to Graceanna’s story in case someone wants to read all 6 of them.

Someday soon I write and share on the blog all about Gunnar’s adoption story.  That will be another day though…

Here’s a glimpse of the road that lead to Graceanna!

Loss Along the Way (#1)

Heart Sickness on the Road (#2)

Fear Blocking the Path (#3)

Our Good Gift (#4)

What’s in a Name? (#5)

Happy Birthday! (#6)