by Heidi

I love crafting with my kids.

This morning we started our day with some painting.  We made these Paper Hugs that I found here.

Graceanna painted her hands and face and even gave it a taste.

I love watching Gunnar concentrate on his project.

He told me multiple times, “I’m doing some good work today.”

Graceanna went with the red I suggested for our Valentine project.  (She didn’t have much choice.  It was the only option I gave her.)

Gunnar didn’t like the red.  He chose an assortment of blue, yellow, and white.

Soon glitter glue was required for our Heart Hug.

Graceanna sat and crafted at the table for over an hour!  She loves to cut.

I love giving them a craft idea and then watching their imagination and desire to use as many supplies as possible turn our craft into something completely new.

Gunnar’s completed Paper Heart Hug

Graceanna’s completed Paper Heart Hug

After completing her craft, she got a little carried away with cutting.  Thus the Heart Hug with no hugging ability.