She’s a Big Girl!

by Heidi

This is what Graceanna’s bed looked like this morning.
(Minus the bumper pads.  This picture was taken when she was much younger.)

This is what her bed looks like tonight.

For the last several months Graceanna has been wanting to “seep in Gunnah’s bed.”
Tonight, she didn’t quite get her wish, but close!

Tonight she’s sleeping in the other half of Gunnar’s bunk beds.

Tonight’s she’s sleeping on the other set of Gunnar’s car and truck sheets.
(Since her new sheets have not arrived.)

Tonight she’s sleeping in her own big girl bed.

As of this writing, she has not escaped once although she has hollered at Sadie to get off.  I guess Sadie likes the new big girl bed.  Too bad she’s been loudly uninvited.