Bethany Fashion Show & A Give Away

by Heidi

I love Bethany Christian Services!  Our two children came to us through Bethany so of course I’m crazy about Bethany, but I also love their outstanding dedication and ministry to birth moms.  There will always be women who need the option of adoption for their unplanned pregnancy, and there will always be couples who can’t have children biologically.  Bethany is the hands and feet for the God designed provision of adoption.  Bethany is meeting a need and making a difference in the lives of people in Arkansas, so I’m so excited to tell you about an opportunity to support this non profit that is so dear to me!  One function of the Bethany Board is fund raising.  To that end the board members are hosting a Brunch and Fashion show in Little Rock which is where the Arkansas Bethany headquarters are located.

Who are the models you ask?  I’ll give you two hints.  #1  They are five years and two and a half years old.  #2 Their names begin with G.  (Of course, there will be other models too, and I’m sure they are just as cute as these two!)

The event is just over a week away!  Please call right away for your tickets!

(Keep reading for information on the give away – a  free photo session.)

Now for news of the free photo session:

For the first TWO people to call Bethany and buy tickets to the Brunch & Fashion Show, I’m offering a completely free photo session!  So many of you have supported us in our adoptions.  As I was thinking of how I could thank you my photography hobby came to mind.  Even though I’m just an amateur photographer I want you to know this gift comes from my heart and I think we can come up with some images you will enjoy!

Tickets are available online but in order to be counted for the free photo session you must call Bethany and you must tell them you heard about it on my blog.  They will then give me your contact information so I can get in touch to set up your session.

Some specifics on the photography session:

  • I will give you at least 20 images on a CD for you to print, use in your scrapbooks, post online or whatever you desire.
  • So that it doesn’t get to hot for us, sessions need to be scheduled and completed before June 11, 2011.
  • I prefer to shoot outside but can do inside especially if you want a newborn session.
  • Please remember I’m an amateur, but I love photography and I’m so happy to give you a keepsake for your own precious family!