Sweet Boys

by Heidi

I watched as two small boys held hands remaining tethered as they bounced along, backpacks jumping high and low.  Part of my heart being carried away with them.

One boy, mine.  The other, our dear carpool friend.

Innocence and expectation and hope radiated from them as I watched them go.

I squashed my desire to freeze the moment with my camera as I know some snapshots are for my heart alone.

Through slightly misty eyes I clicked my seatbelt and began to pull away.

Then, I saw them stop.  Still holding hands but not moving or talking.  They were mesmerized and captured by the sight.

Three much older boys were preparing the flag and flagpole.  Awe and admiration now radiated from the faces of the two small ones.  Likely, they were dreaming of the day they were responsible for the flag.

When the day comes that they are sending the flag up the flagpole, who will be the subject of the affection?  Only one will be worthy of these precious hearts.