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First Day of School 2012

Another day to celebrate a beginning.  This time it’s the first day of first grade!

My confident first grader with a wee bit of nervousness sprinkled on top I think.



What’s he doing here?  Good question.  It had something to do with his way of making himself smile well for the picture.


Wow.  These two can pester each other, but oh, their love.



You may remember Graceanna’s reaction last year when we pulled away from the school leaving Gunnar to start kindergarten.

This year was a bit different.


I’m glad we didn’t have this:

Instead, we had this:


There was no jumping for joy.

There were questions about when we could go get Gunnar and if he would play with her.

So, it wasn’t like a party but it certainly wasn’t some horror film either.



Sweet Boys

I watched as two small boys held hands remaining tethered as they bounced along, backpacks jumping high and low.  Part of my heart being carried away with them.

One boy, mine.  The other, our dear carpool friend.

Innocence and expectation and hope radiated from them as I watched them go.

I squashed my desire to freeze the moment with my camera as I know some snapshots are for my heart alone.

Through slightly misty eyes I clicked my seatbelt and began to pull away.

Then, I saw them stop.  Still holding hands but not moving or talking.  They were mesmerized and captured by the sight.

Three much older boys were preparing the flag and flagpole.  Awe and admiration now radiated from the faces of the two small ones.  Likely, they were dreaming of the day they were responsible for the flag.

When the day comes that they are sending the flag up the flagpole, who will be the subject of the affection?  Only one will be worthy of these precious hearts.

Happy New Year

What a beautiful day to start the new year!

Last night we celebrated at home with just the four of us.  Graceanna was asking to go to bed about 8:00 but Gunnar made it to the end of The Incredibles about 9:00.

Today we were up early ready for church and one last day of fun before Gunnar goes to school tomorrow.

I just love this dress on Graceanna.  She seemed to love it too!  She was bouncing around like a rubber ball!

Photo courtesy of Steve’s iphone.  I’m not sure what’s going on with this goofy smile-ish face.


Love it when my babies love on each other.


Happy New Year 2012!!!!

First Day of Kindergarten

Gunnar’s First Day of Kindergarten

The day we have been anticipating finally arrived!

Surprisingly, our boy was not up and dressed at the crack of dawn.  We actually had to wake him up and coax him into action.

My sweethearts.

We arrived at school and Gunnar headed straight to his classroom.

He has 2 teachers this year plus an aide who has a fabulous reputation like the teachers.  Parents can’t tell us enough good things about this group of teachers.

The first thing the class did was sing a welcome song.

Then, each child was introduced, and given a name tag.  After we saw Gunnar get his name tag we headed out.

Graceanna felt like this.

I’m pretty sure she won the award for “most tears and loudest crying” on this first day of school.   She cried, “I want Gunnar” all the way out to the car and the whole way home.

I felt more like this.

Happily, in no time, it was time for us to go get Gunnar!  The back seat fighting commenced as usual which was a bit of a comfort to me seeing that some things stay the same.  I reminded Graceanna how much she missed Brother and also told him about her many tears.  This produced immediate reconciliation and hand holding….  A different kind of comfort for me.

Gunnar’s report of the day:

1 – We went to the outside playground!

2 – I played with a new friend.  I don’t know his name, but he sits at the red table (green was also reported).  He wears a watch!

3 – I sit at the orange table.  There’s only 1 other boy at my table.  He was not nice to me.  I told him to “stop.”

I found out several other things when I questioned him:

1 – They learned classroom rules.  The only one he could remember initially was “always obey the teacher.”  He remembered another one later, “never talk when someone else is talking.”

  2 –  I really wanted to know if  the snack we packed was similar to the other kid’s snacks.  It was.

3 – I also wanted to know if his water bottle was ok.  It was not.  He said he didn’t use it because he thought it was the wrong kind when the teacher described what they should have.

Ugh!  Thinking about my baby not having any water with his snack, left me feeling like this.

Gunnar said, “It’s ok Mommy.  I took a drink when I got my snack and when I put it away.  I just left my bottle in my backpack because I didn’t think I was supposed to have it.”

That’s my boy.


Not bothered by the little things.

Ready for an adventure.

Comfortable and confident.

He had a fantastic day and is so proud to be in kindergarten.  I’m sure I will have a great day tomorrow, but the emotion of today has just about worn me out.  Let’s hope Sister has a better outlook tomorrow too.

Oh.  And, it’s a guarantee that my boy will have the right kind of water bottle tomorrow.


The Pool!

First Soccer Game

Our First Soccer Game


The sun was shining and the breeze was warm.

Gunnar even kicked the ball.

He kept his eye on the action.

He earned the red star for his defense.

He’s handsome in his uniform.

He did not act goofy on the field.

The thing I loved the most was that he never stopped smiling.

Our sweet boy had a big smile on his face from the moment he put on his uniform, running down the field, eating oranges at half time, and congratulating the other team.  Speaking of congratulations, I think both teams scored about 2 goals.  What a perfect beginning for our family’s involvement in sporting events.



The afternoon of March 4 was warm and gave us that itch to get outside that Spring often brings.

I snapped several of these before Gunnar even knew I was watching.

I listened as the imagination of a 5 year old boy come out in rurr, cush, eerk.

A treat for me – a display of truck tricks.

Together, we enjoyed some critter or flitting notion.

It was soon time to dig.


More digging.  Must sit.

Just a bit more to go.

Finally.  A hazard created for the trucks.

Better get the scoop truck to help him out.

Off again.

More digging needed.

What did all this digging and driving produce?

A worm!

And a very content Mama with a precious memory to store away in her heart.

The End.


I can barely handle the cuteness here!

Yes, she’s in the sink.  Yes, I give her a mini bath and fix her hair in the sink.  Yes, she’s 2 1/2 years old.  I have an explanation.  Really, I do.  Maybe I’ll share it someday.

For tonight though, I’m just sharing this cutie pie sassy pants who was super excited to be finished with hair time!

While enjoying these moments of delight with Graceanna I remembered some other images from a day that is truly long gone.

Oh my.  Gunnar-bear.

Your cuteness factor just about did me in too!

Yes, he is in the sink too, but he’s only 9 months, not 2 1/2 years!

Oh and this picture really reminds me that your personality and need to explore everything orally was seen as a mere babe!
(So thankful for these pics of Gunnar snapped by my friend Carmnen.)

New Braids

Yesterday I spent 4 hours putting new braids in Graceanna’s hair.  Wow.  It was crazy, but here’s the result!

When I saw this image on my camera screen I was startled by how old she looks.
I normally just do about 7 braids.  This time there are 17 I think.

And this is just a little out-of-focus-bonus-pic because she is so darn cute!

Gunnar wanted his picture taken too and I was shocked at how old he looks too.
My camera must be on the fritz; my babies are not this grown!

Cuddle Time

Graceanna was clinging to my leg and asking me to “carry ew,”
and it was 5:00.

You know, 5:00, the time of day when everyone goes crazy and I’m trying to pull dinner together.  It’s not really a time when I can carry her.

Thankfully Gunnar was eager to comply with his sister’s demand request.