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Her New Bike

A purple retro bike with white wall tires has joined the ranks!  This time it’s a big girl bike for Graceanna.

Grandma and Poppa surprised her with this last Christmas gift hours after we tossed the bows and wrappings from earlier in the day.  She was thrilled!

Tonight she practiced a little more on her bike.  It’s challenging to break the habits learned on a tricycle!

I always have to fight back giggles when we try to get her helmet over her various hair-dos.



The afternoon of March 4 was warm and gave us that itch to get outside that Spring often brings.

I snapped several of these before Gunnar even knew I was watching.

I listened as the imagination of a 5 year old boy come out in rurr, cush, eerk.

A treat for me – a display of truck tricks.

Together, we enjoyed some critter or flitting notion.

It was soon time to dig.


More digging.  Must sit.

Just a bit more to go.

Finally.  A hazard created for the trucks.

Better get the scoop truck to help him out.

Off again.

More digging needed.

What did all this digging and driving produce?

A worm!

And a very content Mama with a precious memory to store away in her heart.

The End.