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Today It Hit Me

Do you ever have those times when you have clarity about natural, normal, everday kind of things?  Just a few minutes ago I realized Gunnar is growing up.  Obviously this is not news, but it hit me how he is changing.  So, thinking out loud I said, “Gunnar you are growing into a bigger boy, and I don’t really like it.” 

Of course he asked, “Why?” 

Oh.  Well, that’s a good question.  “I guess because I love to hold you and kiss you,” I finally told him. 

 “Well, when I’m big you can still hold me.  I will let you.” 

“Oh!  You will?  That will be great!  I will love that time!” 

 The Mr. Logical said, “If you can hold my weight when I’m big, you can hold me.”


Crafts with Lucy

Yesterday we had so much fun with our friend Lucy.  We played outside, ate lunch, and made some crafts.  Sometimes things can go awry during playdates (or even just by ourselves) but today was not one of those days!  Everyone ate well, everyone was kind, and it seemed we all enjoyed each other’s company.  Yay!

Our first craft was to make a dinosaur.  A Stegosauris to be exact.  Gunnar told us all that a stegosauris is a herbivore which means they eat plants.  Ok, so he knows a little about dinosaurs…   Then, I asked Gunnar if he knew if dinosaurs lived before or after Jesus was born.  I thought we might discuss it some, but his answer left no room for follow up.  He said, “They lived before Jesus in the Jurasic Period.”  Ok then. 

Lucy picked pink for her dinsosaur with brother Gus looking on wishing his Momma and I would loosen up and let him get after it with the big kids.  Gunnar picked green and his sister did get a good handful of paint.

When Allison saw the clothes pins, we were both excited and said, “Oh yes!  Those are for those bumpy, spiky, er things on their backs!”  Gunnar said, “It’s for their plates.”  It’s nice being schooled in all things dinosaur by a pre-schooler.  Miss Allison told Gunnar he was really smart.  He said it was because he had a big brain in his head.  You kind of had to be there for that one, but to Gunnar’s Momma there’s not much cuter that listening to him talk – about anything really.

Our next craft was putting some buds on the tree I had drawn for them using q-tips and water color.  We talked about the buds that show up on the trees in Spring. 

Of course, neither of these crafts were my own idea.  I found them at No Time for Flash Cards.  As I do just about every craft I make with G.

He’s A Grown Up Now

It’s true.  I’ve been informed that Gunnar is now all grown up. He broke the news to me while we were playing in his room.  Here’s how it went down.

Gunnar:  Mommy, I an adult.

Me:  No. You are not an adult. 

Gunnar:  I an adult.

Me:  If you were an adult you would no longer live with me.

Gunnar:  I an adult.

Me:  (Now, I begin to whine a little.)  Gunnar, I don’t want you to be an adult, because you are only 4.

Gunnar:  (Looking at me like I’m a little crazy, and fully aware I swallowed the bait as well as the hook.)

Me:  (Trying to bring a little reality to his idea.)  When you grow up, you will probably get married and have children and you won’t live at home with Daddy and me.

Gunnar:  I an adult now.

Me:  (In defeat, I play along.)  Ok.  Well, who are you going to marry?

Gunnar:  Kennedy.  (Duh, mom.  We’ve been over this before.)  But, she has to get older like me and bigger like me.

Well, darling Gunnar, I hate to break it to you, but Kennedy is only 3 days younger than you, and she will never be as big as you.  (Kennedy is at least 3 inches shorter than Gunnar and he has at least 10 pounds on her.)

She is a cutie.

Especially when she’s dressed as Spider Girl.

And chasing a Storm Trooper.

Plan B

If you read yesterday’s post, you know Gunnar is no longer thinking about trading Graceanna for Caleb.  He is however, counting on Plan B– A new baby-boy-brother named Silas.

While driving to a friend’s house on Monday, Gunnar was chatting away and pelting me with questions as usual.  He abruptly changed topics by saying, “When me, Graceanna, and Silas get big…” 

I interupted, “What?  What are you talking about?” 

He repeated, “When me, Graceanna, and Silas get big…” 

I again said, “What?!  Who’s Silas?” 

“My little brother Silas,” Gunnar said impatiently.

I wasn’t sure what to say, because until that moment I didn’t realize how seriously Gunnar wants another baby.  I was kind of shocked and I probably should have stressed the point that I’m not sure a third child is in the plans for our family.  Instead I told him that Daddy and I were the parents, that we would pick the name for our son, and it probably would not be Silas. 

I realize now, that probably wasn’t too helpful in letting him know there may not be a baby number 3! 

Oh well.  Maybe he’ll start bugging Daddy about adding a little brother to the mix.

Trading Babies

Several weeks ago, I explained to Gunnar that Miss Amanda had to give away their beloved dog.  Katie Bell was getting old.  To protect their children, Dave and Amanda with broken hearts, decided they had to find her a new home.  Thankfully, they found a wonderful home for Katie Bell and they will continue to have opportunities to spend time with her.

Well, Gunnar was not particularly interested in my tale of poor ole Katie Bell.  But, her situation gave him what he thought was the perfect idea, “Mommy.  Can we give Graceanna to them and they give Caleb away to us?  That’s a good idea, huh?”

My response was a very adament and boisterous and incredulous.  “NO!  Graceanna is our baby and Caleb is theirs!”

You have to understand that Gunnar adores his sister and I know it wouldn’t have been long before he was ready to trade back.  Of course, Gunnar would like it if Graceanna was older and bigger so she could play rough with him.  That’s where Caleb comes in.  Caleb is a few months older than Graceanna but he is all boy.  Just like Gunnar.  When Gunnar walks in the room, Caleb lights up with delight.  Who wouldn’t want to be around all that admiration!

My strong negative response must have really gotten through to Gunnar because he’s never talked about trading again.

In fact, last Thursday Gunnar had a great time at Kids Day Out a.k.a. School.  He talked about his friends including who was a nice boy and who maybe wasn’t so much.    Evidently, Silas is a nice boy.  

Later that same evening Gunnar told me he wanted a baby-boy-brother, and “I gonna name him Silas.”

I was somewhat stunned but agreed a baby-boy-brother might be nice.  I also emphasized that I didn’t know if God has planned any more babies for our family.  As it stands right now, the daddy in our family thinks our current number of four family members is perfect.  I agree.  It is quite nice to be a family of four.  You know, the world was made for families of four. 

 However, when Daddy comes around to seeing things the way Gunnar does, he will not have to ask me twice about my readiness to add a 5th member.

Time to Get Up!

This morning I had to wake Gunnar up to get ready for school.  I don’t think this has EVER happened.  Usually he is up with his clothes on way before I’m ready.  So, today I leaned over his bed to gently wake him.  He startled a little bit, seemed so disoriented, and then, he asked me for

“5 More Minutes Mommy.”

What?  I didn’t hear you correctly.  I don’t understand.  Who are you?  Where’s my son?

Things quickly returned to normal.  Before I made it back to the kitchen, Gunnar was running down the hall ready to eat his “gunna” bar.  (Gunna bars are called granola bars by most people, but you know we roll a little different around here.)