Good Grief!

Good Grief!

We’ve all heard this expression, and maybe even said it out of frustration, but have you ever thought about it?  Can grief really be good?  I’m not talking about the kind of everyday irritations but instead the soul wrenching emotions that we feel when we encounter loss in our lives; loss when we wave adios to dreams and hopes or when our health deteriorates and especially when we say goodbye to our beloved friends and family.

What are we to do with the crazy – wrapped around and won’t let go – kind of emotions that we experience?  What are we to do in the midst of grief?

I met Erica McNeal several years ago when we worked at our church together.  Our lives have continued to cross and circle especially through our stories of adoption.  I’ve loved watching their family grow but it’s not been an easy journey.  Erica has also battled cancer numerous times and said goodbye to their daughter shortly after birth.

In Good Grief!, Erica tells her personal stories of grief and writes a bit about the nature of God in light of suffering.  My favorite chapter of the book is called Breaking It Down.  In this chapter she writes about a practical exercise she uses to wrap the multitude of emotions around the scriptures.

“I have found throughout the years that breaking down my stress biblically allows me to stay focused and grounded in God’s Word. Doing this also gives me the gift of talking my worry and anxiety down, by focusing on the positive aspects of what is happening in the midst of my difficult circumstances. It allows me to stop focusing on everything that is scary and negative, while replacing my fear with peace.” – Erica McNeal, Good Grief! 

Erica’s book is also a great resource for the family and friends of the one suffering under the weight of grief.  Have you ever had the feeling that while you were trying to offer comforting words they were actually hurtful?  I know I have.  In Good Grief!,  Erica explains why some words, clichés, and platitudes are hurtful.  She also helps the reader learn healing words and phrases.  And, finally, instead of saying “call if you need anything,” she arms the reader with ideas for practical ideas for serving our loved ones.

So, is grief good?  Well, not grieving when your life circumstances demand such a response is definitely not good!  You can help make the grieving process a positive, albeit very difficult, experience for your loved one by creating an oasis in the midst of their turmoil.  So, grab a copy of Good Grief! How to Create an Oasis When Life is a Desert and visit Erica at

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