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Snow Again

We’ve had another day of beautiful snow.  I LOVE these days.  Love, Love, Love snow days!  I love the crisp air, the crunch under foot, the snowflake kisses falling, then coming in from the cold pulling on our comfy clothes for lots more fun together.

It looks like these folks thought the trash trucks might come.  No such luck.  No mail today either so far.  That’s fine with me.

Official Snow Count according to the perfectly planned ruler placement:  6 inches at 6:00 pm.  A little snow still falling.

Now back to the wrestling going on in the living room!



My favorite kind of snow fell most of the day

big, fluffy, wet flakes

Gunnar’s favorite part of a snow day, other than playing in the snow, is to enjoy some perfectly-cooled-off-hot-chococlate which we did after our first outing this morning. 

Graceanna woke up demanding that Daddy be at home today.  Realizing he wasn’t home and she couldn’t make him come home, she moved on to cradling his shoes against her face saying, “Ohhh, Daddy shoes, Daddy shoes.” 
Baby Girl loves her daddy.  What’s not to love, right!  Clearly, we were all very happy when Steve made it home a little early today. 

Snow Day!

I can’t believe Steve looked right into this snowball-in-the face.  That’s the kind of daddy these kids have, a daddy who will take a snowball in the face just for the pleasure of the one throwing it.

This second one was not sanctioned however.

Graceanna loved being out with Gunnar and her daddy.  I’m sure next year she will be fully into the snowball fights.

Look at these boots!  These are big boots.  The feet in these boots are big too.
I’m so glad they are healthy and growing, but I’d prefer it to slow down just a tad.  Loving these days with little people.

So, maybe you are wondering what they (and by “they” I mean Steve) are making.  My husband is one very creative snow sculptor.  He borrowed my bread pan to make snow bricks for their igloo.  We rarely have regular snowmen around here.

When we were in college, Steve flew home with me during Spring Break, and we were delighted to have snow!  Steve spent hours sculpting this snow man and the snow frog.  He had so much fun.  Mom and I had fun watching him become thoroughly involved in his creations.

March, 1994

In about 2001, Steve sculpted this Star Wars ship, a Sadie dog, and a regular snowman.

Big Beautiful Flakes

Gunnar wishes Daddy was here to make snow balls.  I wish Daddy was here today, because everything is more fun with him.  Unfortunately, his team is responsible for several week long training conferences, and the conference must go on! 

 We have been outside playing though.  I snapped a few pictures of Graceanna, but Gunnar had already played in the snow and was pretty wet and cold by the time Graceanna and I were bundled up.  I love these big beautiful flakes.

“I’m done.  Take me in Mommy.”

Monster Trucks in Snow

Another day inside with ice and snow outside.  So, we played in the snow flour learning about some alphabet letters and then trying out the monster trucks to see if they could handle the treacherous road conditions.  They did fine and even wrote a letter or two.

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

It’s raining, it’s pouring
It’s sleeting, It’s snowing!

In many ways, today was just like most days around here.

Graceanna played with her shoes and convinced me to take the tags off her gold sandals which Grandma bought for next season.  They are her favorites.  They would top my list too!

Gunnar painted.  In his pajamas.

This, however, is not our average day.  Bright, white, ICE!
We actually have had it all.  Snow, sleet, rain, and small ice crystals falling from the sky all day.

And, this is the best part of our not-so-normal day!  Daddy was able to come home by 4:00 leaving plenty of time to cuddle and watch…
a Christmas show, of course!




Last Monday it snowed!  It was enough snow that Gunnar made tracks with his trucks, but not enough snow to cover the grass.  If you look closely you might see a couple flakes coming down.  We’ll take what we can get here!