Aiming Arrows

Musings of a Mommy


The afternoon of March 4 was warm and gave us that itch to get outside that Spring often brings.

I snapped several of these before Gunnar even knew I was watching.

I listened as the imagination of a 5 year old boy come out in rurr, cush, eerk.

A treat for me – a display of truck tricks.

Together, we enjoyed some critter or flitting notion.

It was soon time to dig.


More digging.  Must sit.

Just a bit more to go.

Finally.  A hazard created for the trucks.

Better get the scoop truck to help him out.

Off again.

More digging needed.

What did all this digging and driving produce?

A worm!

And a very content Mama with a precious memory to store away in her heart.

The End.



I can barely handle the cuteness here!

Yes, she’s in the sink.  Yes, I give her a mini bath and fix her hair in the sink.  Yes, she’s 2 1/2 years old.  I have an explanation.  Really, I do.  Maybe I’ll share it someday.

For tonight though, I’m just sharing this cutie pie sassy pants who was super excited to be finished with hair time!

While enjoying these moments of delight with Graceanna I remembered some other images from a day that is truly long gone.

Oh my.  Gunnar-bear.

Your cuteness factor just about did me in too!

Yes, he is in the sink too, but he’s only 9 months, not 2 1/2 years!

Oh and this picture really reminds me that your personality and need to explore everything orally was seen as a mere babe!
(So thankful for these pics of Gunnar snapped by my friend Carmnen.)

She’s a Big Girl!

This is what Graceanna’s bed looked like this morning.
(Minus the bumper pads.  This picture was taken when she was much younger.)

This is what her bed looks like tonight.

For the last several months Graceanna has been wanting to “seep in Gunnah’s bed.”
Tonight, she didn’t quite get her wish, but close!

Tonight she’s sleeping in the other half of Gunnar’s bunk beds.

Tonight’s she’s sleeping on the other set of Gunnar’s car and truck sheets.
(Since her new sheets have not arrived.)

Tonight she’s sleeping in her own big girl bed.

As of this writing, she has not escaped once although she has hollered at Sadie to get off.  I guess Sadie likes the new big girl bed.  Too bad she’s been loudly uninvited.



New Braids

Yesterday I spent 4 hours putting new braids in Graceanna’s hair.  Wow.  It was crazy, but here’s the result!

When I saw this image on my camera screen I was startled by how old she looks.
I normally just do about 7 braids.  This time there are 17 I think.

And this is just a little out-of-focus-bonus-pic because she is so darn cute!

Gunnar wanted his picture taken too and I was shocked at how old he looks too.
My camera must be on the fritz; my babies are not this grown!

Cuddle Time

Graceanna was clinging to my leg and asking me to “carry ew,”
and it was 5:00.

You know, 5:00, the time of day when everyone goes crazy and I’m trying to pull dinner together.  It’s not really a time when I can carry her.

Thankfully Gunnar was eager to comply with his sister’s demand request.

Valentine Cards

I just had to share these super sweet Valentine Cards that Steve made for his sweet babies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s – It’s a Dirty Day

Last week we played in the snow.
Today Gunnar soaked up some warm Vitamin D and made a mud pit.

That is a perfectly good pitcher.

One that I use regularly for iced tea.

I thought it was going to be used to transport water.

I guess it was to be used to transport mud.

I wonder if it can be sanitized.

Anyone want to come for tea?  I’ve got this really nice pitcher…

Gunnar asked me if black or blue could also be colors used for Valentine’s Day.  I went into a long explanation that usually pink and red were used but he could use any color he wanted to express the holiday.  Little did I know he was just trying to pick out his clothes….all three times.

Snow Again

We’ve had another day of beautiful snow.  I LOVE these days.  Love, Love, Love snow days!  I love the crisp air, the crunch under foot, the snowflake kisses falling, then coming in from the cold pulling on our comfy clothes for lots more fun together.

It looks like these folks thought the trash trucks might come.  No such luck.  No mail today either so far.  That’s fine with me.

Official Snow Count according to the perfectly planned ruler placement:  6 inches at 6:00 pm.  A little snow still falling.

Now back to the wrestling going on in the living room!


I love crafting with my kids.

This morning we started our day with some painting.  We made these Paper Hugs that I found here.

Graceanna painted her hands and face and even gave it a taste.

I love watching Gunnar concentrate on his project.

He told me multiple times, “I’m doing some good work today.”

Graceanna went with the red I suggested for our Valentine project.  (She didn’t have much choice.  It was the only option I gave her.)

Gunnar didn’t like the red.  He chose an assortment of blue, yellow, and white.

Soon glitter glue was required for our Heart Hug.

Graceanna sat and crafted at the table for over an hour!  She loves to cut.

I love giving them a craft idea and then watching their imagination and desire to use as many supplies as possible turn our craft into something completely new.

Gunnar’s completed Paper Heart Hug

Graceanna’s completed Paper Heart Hug

After completing her craft, she got a little carried away with cutting.  Thus the Heart Hug with no hugging ability.


Our New House

Our New House

Windows on the first floor and the second

A draw bridge door with handle access on the inside

A sun roof – moon roof – hatch thingy

Even Sadie wants to try out the new house, or maybe she’s hunting goldfish crackers

Yep.  I’m pretty sure it’s the crackers

Now, this is the way to protect your snack from the dog


You could sit at the table